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Industrial 3D Animation

This time, our customer was a manufacturer of equipment for pouring and treatment floors. The same floors we see in megamalls, factory halls, and warehouses. The client sold its grinding and polishing equipment and consumables for it. The industrial 3D animation shows a bush hammering process - the stage of preparing existing floors for subsequent refilling and updating the surface to improve adhesion. Our work consisted of preparing a video about equipment and logo animation.

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  • Complexity:
    51 WM/SEC
  • Duration:
    163 SEC
  • Work hours:
    139 WH
  • Work days:
Supposed Price
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  • Turn on JS to see the cost.

The current price reflects the increased complexity of the 3D animation compared to this example, due to the continuous advancements in software and hardware.

Breakdown of
the Industrial 3D Animation


When we talk about equipment, we consider its possibilities and results. Therefore, the 3D animation should contain equipment specifications, comparing before/after and real cases. The professional equipment compared to conventional types has a greater working lifetime and costs much more.

So, the price of a mistake is high, and the customer considers his buying better, at least that's our client's ideal customer, without additional factors.

The client chose 3D animation without voiceover, only text.

Key feautures

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Design & Optimization


The best way to show the key features of construction equipment is to implement them with real examples. The scene of 3D animation was not supposed to be an ideal case but a real-life place that the equipment had been built for. We chose a warehouse.

One of the most 3D animation advantages is the possibility to show the working process of complex parts of the equipment using close shots and slow motion. We used both of them to present how bush hummers treated concrete through a transparent cover.

Usually, a floor treatment is carried out in rough premises under construction or renovation. Their premises are cleared of furniture and garbage - it was a good reason to shift the accent of the video to the polishing machine and not waste time on non-essential stuff. Also, we didn't need to show what's going on outside. Just used the disadvantages of DSLR-matrix - overexposed sky.

We created a concrete surface for showing the result before and after hammering using photos from the client. To emphasize the details of the equipment, we'll use a simple white edge mask.


  • Blue for the bush hammer accent.
  • The color of the company's logo.
  • Dark-gray for text.
  • Light-gray for emphasized object icons.
The color palette for Industrial 3D animation.


  • Glossy paint.
  • Blued steel.
  • Concrete after bucharding.

  • Concrete before bucharding.
  • Concrete crumb and plaster.
  • Rubber
The materials for Industrial 3D Animation about building equipment.


Our client was an equipment manufacturer and a distributor at the same time. He had 3D models that remained from CAD modeling, and we could use them after little adjusting to save the project time. Moreover, we wanted to show brand new equipment the appearance of which corresponds to the technical specifications.

According to our plan, we wanted to show the separated bush hammer from different sides, so we put it out from the polishing machine's 3D model.

The finished CAD 3D model from the client for Industrial 3D animation.


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Succesfully Accomplished

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